Night and Day Warm Up Songs

Dear class, before we meet for the first time tomorrow and work on our “walk up songs” to start the semester (I’m still trying to learn my baseball talk), here are some warm up YouTube links.

An American classic, Night and Day (1932, by Cole Porter)

And one of its Jewish equivalents, bin el barah oul youm (Between twilight and day), a North-African popular song set to Arabic and Hebrew lyrics about life, hope, love, and, of course, night and day (performed by the Moroccan Israeli singer, Emil Zrihan). The melody is also commonly used to sing the text of the Sabbath table song (zemirah) in Hebrew, Ki eshmerah shabat, attributed to Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra (12th century).

Also, if you have time, do check out our Class Syllabus!


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