Jewish Nightlife | Unannounced Response Exercise #1

Complete the two-part assignment below, and post your responses to this document within 30 minutes from the beginning of the exercise, listing your name and student Number.

  1. Survey/Review

Select a term from one (any one!) of this week’s assigned readings that was unfamiliar to you, and briefly describe its meaning and what sources you used to clarify it. If all terms in the readings were already fully familiar to you, chose the one you felt was the least so 😉

  1. Comparative Approach/Use of Class Resources (+ a treasure hunt)

Cultures of the Jews (assigned reading this week) mentions a depiction of three ritual duties pertaining to women (baking challah bread for the Sabbath; observing ritual purity; and lighting the Sabbath candles).

  1. Find the exact mention in Culture of the Jews
  2. Go on a “treasure hunt,” and locate a similar item in “Gourmet Ghettos” (which we “visited” on Monday)
  3. Briefly describe each of these two items (the one in the reading and the other in the exhibition) by highlighting the following elements:
    1. Place of origin (embrace the complexity of the Jewish diaspora in describing geography)
    2. Historical period (here, too, be critical of possible assessments)
    3. Language(s)
  4. List which ones among this week’s assigned readings can best help shedding light on each of the two items discussed in this assignment (the one in Cultures of the Jews, and the one in Gourmet Ghettos), and provide a full bibliographic citation for each reading (i.e., Author, Title, year: page number/s; bibliographic format is your own choice). Hint: you may need to refer to both EJ entries, and to Idelsohn…

Once you are ready, post this assignment to (just below this text). Remember to add your name to the completed assignment!

Personal computers or other devices may be used to complete today’s assignment. If you are without a portable device, you may pair with another student in the class. In this case, list both your names under the completed post. 


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