More on the Dangerous Nights of Passover: In New Home, Sarajevo Haggadah To Shine As Symbol Of Tolerance

The origins of the Sarajevo Haggadah are shrouded in mystery. It is an exquisitely illuminated 14th-century codex, most probably smuggled out of Spain by Sephardic Jews following their expulsion in 1492.

Like other books of its kind, it is a collection of religious rules and traditions used during the seder at Passover, the holiday celebrating the Israelites’ deliverance from Egyptian slavery. It is known to have spent time in northern Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries, where it apparently escaped the attention of the Inquisition. It did not resurface again until 1894, when it was sold to the National Museum in Sarajevo by Joseph Koen, a member of a local Sephardic Jewish family.

It is not clear how or when the book made it to Bosnia.

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