Jewish Nightlife | Midterm (10.19.2017)

Jewish Nightlife | Midterm Examination
Thursday, October 19, 2017


Form teams of 2, to work in “chavruta style.” (Use the memory card matching game to find your partner!). 


Each team must create one multi-media card (or research file) for each of the following 3 topics (choose one in each group, so that at the end you will have produced a total of 3 cards), using the Google Apps available to UC Berkeley students via the bConnected suite)

a) Cultural Identity & Cultural History (multi-dimensional notions of time, space, and language)

  • Sephardic
  • Ashkenazi
  • Lands of Islam  

b) Ritual and Material Culture (performances, texts, objects)

  • Prayer Book (Siddur)
  • piyyut
  • quasi-Hazzan
  • Simchat Torah



c) Music & Sound

  • chant (Psalmody; Biblical reading)
  • tune (melody; metered melody)
  • para-liturgical music


Each card must include the following elements:

  • Names and Student ID no. of each team member
  • Two short paragraphs representing different (possibly conflicting) points of view on each of the topics selected
  • Visual and sound elements (or video-with-audio)
  • Source citations (no specific style requested, as long as it is consistent in each card) for each of the elements above


Each team will share its three flash cards with the instructor for feedback:


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